If you operate a website, own custom software, operate under a trade name or are looking to expand your brand marketing, you have valuable assets that need protecting.

Protecting your company’s intellectual property assets, such as trademarks comprised of words, logos and graphics, is an essential step toward protecting your company’s market reputation and image. In today’s marketplace, you must protect your business with trademark registration. Your trademark or brand is your calling card, and that is why you must protect it.

Holmberg Watson team is exceptional – M&A experts, business-oriented, responsive, and cost-efficient. We use them for all our business and family needs!
— Parminder Sandhu

Holmberg Watson and its trademark lawyers are experienced lawyers serving the Greater Toronto Area, providing trademark law services and advice for businesses of all sizes. Our trademark lawyers register your trademarks in a variety of jurisdictions, and guide you through the application process. We also draft licenses for your trademark to ensure you have control over the usage of your registered trademark and how it is used by third parties.

Some of the most common questions we hear from clients are:

  • Can I trademark my business name?

  • What can I do when my brand is being imitated by another business?

  • How do I perform a trademark search in Canada?

  • Am I infringing on another company’s trademark rights?

  • How long does a Canadian trademark last?

  • What is consistent use?

  • How can I transfer intellectual property ownership to another party?

Our reputation in Toronto has been built by providing business law services that make us a trusted partner in our clients’ business operations. Whether you have questions about trademark law, or on how to register your products and services as trademarks in Canada, we are here to help.


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