As an entrepreneur, you likely have your eye on your bottom line throughout the week. If getting top-tier legal advice is vital to you while also keeping your costs down, let’s talk.

We represent businesses and business owners and investors, in all stages of growth, development and succession. Like our clients, we take an entrepreneurial approach to our business.

Depending on the particular business and assignment, we may use hourly rates, flat fees, success fees, equity interests in lieu of fees, or a combination thereof.

If you are an entrepreneur who needs a creative way to retain the services of a law firm specializing in business, let’s talk.

It’s been nothing but great experience working with Mr. Holmberg and his team. We were in process of purchasing a business here in Toronto and we wanted to consult with a business lawyer first on all the aspects of the process. Team of Holmberg Watson were so helpful and helped us to prevent several problems when it comes to business buying, and made sure that all the process went as smooth as it was possible. I would highly recommend them to any business owner who needs a legit and experienced help. Thank you.
— Natalia Bradu

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