There are basically to options for you to get involved in business. One of them is to start from scratch. To do this, you need to get an idea, create a process or product, find people who have the problems that your product or service can solve, and you need to know how to prospect for your clients. You'll also need to learn how to do marketing, how to do sales, and how to do everything else from delivering your goods to provide customer support.

The other idea is business acquisitions. This is where you will find and purchase an existing business that has already been created and developed from scratch, so you don't have to all of the above mentioned and much more! Holmberg & Watson recommends that you acquire businesses that have been established for no less than five to ten years because these businesses have already been tried and proven. It's almost never a good idea to acquire a business in its startup stages. This way, you'll already have revenues, profits, products, and clients established from day one.

Don't Reinvent the Wheel 

Business acquisitions allow you to tap into an existing asset rather than starting from scratch, reinventing the wheel, and developing all of the different aspects of a business on your own. Business Acquisitions are especially beneficial for those who lack business experience. It's very hard to learn all of these things to begin with, and even if you have an existing business, you have two ways to grow it:

  1. Get new Clients

  2. Business Acquisitions

You Don't Need Millions of Dollars to Acquire a Business

A lot of our clients don't know exactly which is the ideal business for them or even which businesses are on the market. All they know is that business acquisitions make a lot of sense. Don't try to do it on your own! By the way, you don't need millions of dollars. Many clients acquire multi-million dollar businesses with little or no capital.

Holmberg & Watson can help you acquire businesses that have the clients/customers that you want or the products/services that you want to provide for your existing customers. By utilizing the right kinds of business acquisitions, you will be able to grow much faster than you would by trying to go out and find all of your new clients one by one. Don't reinvent the wheel! Instead of growing one client at a time, you can grow one business at a time!

Choose Holmberg & Watson for Business Acquisitions in Toronto

Holmberg & Watson is experienced in business acquisitions in Toronto, and we can help you create a plan, get approved for a loan, and we'll take care of all of the legalities involved with the process. Whether you are a Canadian entrepreneur or an international businessman/woman, Holmberg & Watson is the perfect solution for you to acquire the right business as hassle-free and as possible.


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